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Backbiting – Majid’s Story

short story

Short Story – Backbiting.ppt (DOWNLOAD)

It’s a week for PowerPoint presentations, I think! When I received news that a portion of my pathology syllabus for next month’s final exam had been cut off and added to the following semester’s load, the unexpected reprieve was the perfect reason to head to the computer. Then, happy in the thought that I had the leisure of time to do what I wanted to, I decided to let some creativity loose and make something out of it. Few people know how much I enjoy making short PowerPoint-type presentations. Designing an eye-catching template and working on the content is great fun in itself because you keep imagining how the finished product’s going to look like.

The person who encouraged me to use this creative tool for the purpose of furthering the Islamic cause was none other than my teacher and mentor at the Islamic study circle I visit every Saturday, Alhamdolillah. She pointed out the impact of short, beautifully designed messages sent out through emails or posted on websites. Once I discovered the amazing world of colors, wallpapers, fonts, animations, pictures – and of course ‘clipart’ – it was like a fresh breath of air after the rather un-creative world of medical books. See, medicine is amazing in its own way but the artisitc flair inside every person needs to flex its muscle every once in a while to maintain a healthy balance.

I once saw a very cute presentation that was innovative in the way that it was more like an animated comic. I decided to something like it and thus, on Friday, I made this presentation, Alhamdolillah. I’m eager to make more of them but for now, I must return to my final exam preparation and put off all the other ideas for the summer break InshAllah! That reminds me, I must also tend to my washed laundry and clean up the mess about my room… right, I should leave now.


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