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Mother Debunks “Mother’s Day” Drama

Once upon a time… more specifically: Sunday, 10th May 2009, Parents’ bedroom, 8:30 am.

Ameera: So when is Mother’s Day? Is it tomorrow?
Amma: Nahi , I think it’s the eleventh…

Suddenly, it’s time for a recap of the headline news on TV…

News anchorperson: … and Mother’s Day is being celebrated across the world today…

Ameera: Oh, so it’s today… so what would you like to do?
Amma: Hmph, what nonsense!
Ameera: *hehe* Would a “mother” really say that today?
Amma: Yes, tell her ‘We love you!’ just one day and forget all about her the rest of the year, right?
Ameera: Hmm… ok… all right, let’s perform a “tickling operation” on you!!!
Amma: That’s what you think!!!

*tickle*  *wrestle*  *tickle*

The End.

Dear Amma...

One response to “Mother Debunks “Mother’s Day” Drama

  1. loopdoop December 3, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    This was a great read though! Thanks..

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