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Goodbye, Joggers!

It’s a sign of the times, I guess, that your sister labels you an “uncool doctor” because you wear plain ‘ol joggers! What’s wrong with my joggers? Okay, so they’re plain beige in colour, laces and everything but is that a fashion crime? According to my sister, it is.

I am now in a puzzle – should I get a couple of pairs of the new, stylish, colorful sneakers? Or those suede-like shoes that have replaced the traditional jogger? It’s not the shopping trip that’s difficult – not at all, shopping is a “girl thing” any day – but the whole idea of being called an “uncool doctor” just because I don’t carry the right accessories all the time, is rather frightening.

Most people, if not everyone, wish to look good and feel comfortable when they meet others – it’s natural! In the case of a student, it’s all about clothes, bags, shoes, watches, bracelets and of course, cell phones. All these items must, according to the popular demand (aka fashion) be up-to-date, funky, stylish and cool. While there’s no harm in liking and wearing good stuff, it’s the extreme obsession with these things that is scary. I’ll rush out to buy a pair of sneakers that are the latest “in”-thing only to find out tomorrow that I’m as stale as last week’s vegetable lying in a corner of the veggie tray in the fridge. If not that, it would be the bag I take to college – one day it’s too cool for words and the next, it’s forgotten like yesterday’s newspaper!

The real problem arises when something you love dearly is so “out of fashion” that you think twice about taking it out of the house. What would my friend say if she saw those sandals? What are people going to think when they see this (six-months) old bag of mine (that’s still as good as new)? How can I hide my cellphone so that people don’t notice it’s a Nokia 210o? And my clothes! I can’t wear this print anymore, everyone knows it’s from last year’s collection!

It goes on like that and you realize you’re constantly worried about what other people think of your style and your possessions. It becomes serious to the point that you feel you’re a nobody without the latest everything. Crazy, isn’t it? If you’re one of those people who find this narrative exxagerated, then that shows you’re not affected much by the crazy fashion frenzy. However, if, like me, you too have found this spot on, noticed peoples’ appreciation for the latest accessories and total disregard for your usual stuff, then we’re facing a pandemic! (Okay, so that was a bit exaggerated regarding the “pandemic” but anyway…)

In my case, my sister only stated what I’d felt lacking (that is, a couple of pairs of cool sneakers) for a while now. Did I want people to say, “Hey, cool shoes girl! You look good today!” I don’t know about you, but that seems like the logical conclusion for ditching joggers for tennis shoes or pumps. Perhaps it’s just because I like them too. Or maybe, it’s because I should like them… ironically, to stand out from the crowd.


2 responses to “Goodbye, Joggers!

  1. Sammy January 24, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    Yaaay!! I’m not affected by the crazy fashion frenzy! I’m cool on my own… Yippeee doodle doo! Except of course Yippeee blah blah is not a cool thing to say nor is the acknowledgment for that… Oh well…

    Out with younger sis’s bias! Now!

  2. Ameera January 26, 2009 at 8:29 am

    Sammy? Is it really you? 🙂 Perfect grammar, punctuation, a name that could be a cover for Sa**a… haha, wait for the next post. 🙂
    Oh, and you are affected by the fashion frenzy, aren’t you? You’re the one who’s ready to embrace Itoo Bazaar so that you can get GAP, O2, Atmosphere every winter. And let me not start on the (cute) pumps!

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