Between Dusk and Dawn…

Some *scribble* *scribble* by Ameera

The Palestinian Holocaust

A Palestinian child cries during the funeral for Ali al-Dahdoh in Gaza

The last two weeks have witnessed a great massacre on the face of this Earth. It’s significance is judged not by statistics or the area over which it is occuring but by the fact that it is being carried out by a state that neither cares for world opinion nor is under any sort of real, tangible pressure to halt its unabashed genocide. It’s 2009 and we’re talking of the Israeli Army vs. Palestinian people.

Orthodox Jews look towards Gaza as the Israeli Army pounds the densely-populated land incessantly

It’s been called Operation “Cast Lead” – who cares what that means? They say to the world that it’s because Hamas, the political party-cum-Palestinian patriots, have been violating a ceasefire by launching rockets into Israel. I’m not going to go into details because you can read up on the debate on who fired first – Israel or Hamas.  The important thing is that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, despite Israel’s “temporary” withdrawal from the area a while ago, are being punished for existing. They were surrounded, walled off, prevented from entering or leaving freely. Food and all other basic amenities of life, let alone luxuries, became scarce, prices shot up and living became unbearable. It was then that we saw Israel unleash the worst on the defenseless men, women and children.

Norwegian doctors, whom you cannot accuse of being biased or “Anti-Semitic” are now saying they strongly suspect, from the injuries they tended to in Gaza, that Israel is taking the opportunity to “test” new weapons in Gaza. White phosphorus is a terrible toxin that burns and kills you in all sorts of ways… guess who’s using it in their bombs?

A Palestinian man carries his wounded child to the treatment room of Kamal Adwan hospital following an Israeli missile strike in Beit Lahiya

If that’s not enough, there’s the case of shelling a UN school where innocent civillians were taking shelter. Humans – real, living, breathing human souls – died… mostly women and children. Later, it was discovered that a house which has been designated by the Israeli Army as a “safe house” for people to take refuge in, was itself shelled by the Israelis. In another incident, a man lost his wife and all of his children in an attack. It goes on and on.

Experts in War Crimes

A few days ago, I switched on Sky News at 7 am local time to see a UN Security Council in session, ready to vote on a draft resolution calling for “ceasefire” in the conflict-ridden region. While it was passed by a vote of 14-0, the US abstained from voting. I forgot about it – it wasn’t going to make a difference anyway and it didn’t – but today, a news item caught my attention. I had not known, as I entually found out in the news item, that the resolution had been drafted with the help of the US. So what made the US turn about at the eleventh hour and stun even the Brits and the French? A call made by Ehud Olmert to Bush while Bush was busy delivering a speech in Philadelphia. The PM of a country smaller than an American state was able to make Bush leave, during the speech, to talk to him. The end result? Condoleeza Rice was forced to make a shame-faced turnabout and abstain from the vote because the Israelis did not allow it. What greater proof for the tight control that Jewish lobbyists and who-knows-what Zionist organizations have on “the most powerful country” in the world? Does this not make the common American worry about the hijacking of his country by a group of madmen who value only Jewish blood?

I am not free from blame. As an integral member of the Muslim Ummah (nation, people), it is my responsbility to play my part and stand up for truth and justice in my own capacity. Likewise, the Muslim leaders have a huge responsibility – they will be questioned by Allah about what they did when the women and children were pleading and praying for help, for someone to rescue them from oppression. What good is our military might if we cannot use it as a deterrence effective to stop a tiny state from terrorising and murdering innocents? The world watches on and we too watch on. In this open court where everything lies clearly before us all, the murderer is once again going to get away scott free while the victim is sentenced to death.

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