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Derailed, once again.



I think I’ll skip that part where I apologize for not updating the blog and hope not to do that ever again – that’s because I now understand somethings are really not in our control, for us to say so-and-so will never happen again.

The night before Eid, my computer developed some internal problem of idiopathic cause (in medical terms, that means ‘I have no idea how it happened’). Well, after the Eid frenzy, Second year finals were upon me so I pretty much left the computer to fend for itself. It’s fixed, finally and I’ve given 50% of my exams so with a week off now before the Vivas, I can finally re-establish my link with the rest of the world.

So what’s been up? Exams need no mention of course, apart from the basic headline ‘Exams: 21.11.07 – 9.12.07’. On the other hand, Peace TV’s International Conference for Peace commenced this Friday! Alhamdolillah, it has got to be one of the best ones out there. With such great scholars, speakers, Da’ees from all over the world, on one platform, for about ten days with live couverage on Peace TV, it’s a treat for the soul. Flying into Mumbai from South Africa, Zain Bhikha, and from Dubai, Ahmed Bukhatir, for the the first time ever, adds to the fun and excitement of the whole conference. And Ma’shAllah, their performance was a good change for the enthralled audience, both in Mumbai and those watching live on Peace TV, across the world.

Dr Zakir Naik gave an excellent talk on ‘Is the Quran God’s Word?’ on Saturday and wonder-upon-wonder, Alhamdolillah, a non-Muslim lady actually recited the Kalimah during the Q&A session, that too telecasted live on Peace TV. There were several other foreign students who were interested, particularly two American students who kept coming up with questions. I’m impressed with the way the IRF (and their channel, Peace TV)  aims to take things forward over the coming years. I especially love the way they strive to carry out their events on an international standard, working hard in their fledgling years to establish themsevles as a significant platform to project the views of the Muslim Ummah. They are based in India and it’s a good thing they’re making full use of the technology boom – we’re regular Peace TV viewers and we’ve seen, in the past few months, an acceleration in the updating drive, especially on their set-designs and graphics.

Back to the conference! Yassir Fazzaga captivated everyone the other day with this talk on ‘Violence in the Name of God’. He’s an intelligent and gentle person, MashAllah, and it reflects in his style of speaking. Using his knowledge of Psychology, Sociology and religions with his knowledge and understanding of the Deen, he delivered an exact, direct-hitting analysis of the Ummah’s reactions to world events and the Prophet (pbuh)’s reactions to similar situations in his time. I felt so ashamed of my own actions and doings, compared to the Prophet (pbuh)’s decency and gentleness… but it was so inspiring (especially because it was a live telecast) that I’m trying to make a serious push towards moulding myself according to the Deen’s principle, InshAllah.

That’s a lot to say for now and the conference has just started! If you’ve got cable and can tune into Peace TV, don’t miss this opportunity for concetrated, Iman-elevating knowledge delivered free of cost (Peace TV is aired free of cost) to your living room! (Edit: Peace TV isn’t airing everything right now, some programs will actually be telecasted over the coming months. However, tomorrow, the 28th, Zain Bikha and a speaker have scheduled programs. You can look it up at!)


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