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Elevator Cat


If you’re a hoohaa feline fanatic, you definitely need to know this. And if you’re of those people who have hearts of steel, abhorring the mere mention of cats – then I suggest you… read on just for the fun of it. 🙂

We’ve been sort of taking care of a kitten for the past few weeks. She was part of a litter of four that a cute cat gave birth to in our apartment block. When the kittens began to grow up and ‘moved out’, one ended up around our apartment. She elicited the ‘she’s sooo cute and all alone, can we keep her?’ chorus (ref: Pumba in ‘The Lion King’). Ofcourse we couldn’t keep her as a full-time pet because of our allergies to cat hair. Thus, all we could do was give her milk and chicken bones, stroke her soft fur and be happy with that while we could.

She wasn’t allowed inside initially but our parents warmed to her cute antics so quickly that soon she was strolling around our apartment as if she owned the place. Also, once she hurt her foreleg somewhere and it pained us all so much that we kept her inside all day for two days and tried to make her as comfortable as possible. Alhamdolillah she recovered and got back to her bouncy, bite-y self.

These days, she’s growing faster and learning new tricks. First, she’ll wait outside our main-door for us to come out and then scramble to get inside. Once inside, she makes a beeline for the kitchen, specifically the waste basket which she eventually topples over in search for chicken bones, her favorite being fish bones (doesn’t that hurt her throat?).

But the best part would no doubt be the elevator trick. My father goes downstairs to the recreation hall for Fajr and she always follows him all the way down the stairs, getting in his way, all the while meowing in that cute little voice. Once she’s down, she usually doesn’t have a good idea of getting back to our (fourth) floor again and she usually waits for Abba to return from Fajr, then follows him all the way up.

Compensating for her strangely weaker sense of direction and location, is her sense of using an elevator. She’s seen us using it so often that now, whenever we’re waiting for it, she walks up to the closed doors and puts her paw on it – as if trying to get them to open! As soon as it arrives, she’s the first one in. And inside the elevator, you wouldn’t find her nervous or impatient (like some people are). Instead, she patiently waits for the doors to open and trots out. It’s just soooo cute!

She’s become our Elevator Cat and I’m going to miss her presence like crazy when we move out next week, InshAllah. Aaah… I hope they get those allergy-free cats out quicker… some of us just can’t wait any longer! 🙂


4 responses to “Elevator Cat

  1. Nauman April 13, 2007 at 8:09 pm

    Very cute… I always wanted a cat but Abbu is allergic to them and they’re alot of work. I settled for turtles but that was a long time ago. Maybe I’ll try to get turtles again. Maybe.

  2. Ameera April 13, 2007 at 11:05 pm

    I heard what happened with your turtles! Heheh!

    I’m not a big fan of turtles… I like hair pets which you can sit on your lap and stroke all you want. I wonder though, how would a cat be a lot of work? Oh, I guess you’ve got to feed them regularly (or they’ll climb atop the kitchen counters and sniff their way into everything) and clean out their pot earth. Hmm… still think that cats take good care of themsevles… cleaner than dogs atleast, in several aspects!

  3. Afzaal April 15, 2007 at 8:27 pm

    Even though I am mildly allergic to cats, I have had several cats as pets – I like them so much. I have mostly found them to be pretty smart. One of my favorite cats once sneeked into the kitchen and I had to chase it out fiercely. She learnt the lesson, and never ever got into the litchen again even if the door was wide open and there was food lying around. She would just sit at the door and meow till someone would turn up and give her something to eat. But we always kept shifting and I hated leaving those cats behind, but had to.

    Another of my favorite cats had an ego problem. If you didnt stroke him for a day or two, or chased him out from getting into places, he used to get pretty pissed at us, and went to sit in a corner, face away from you. If you tried to go and stroke it or something, he used to get up and walk a few paces and sit down there, face still away, as if saying, “Go away, I’m not talking to you”. We used to love him when he did that. It used to take quite an effort to make him friendly again. And throughout this time, he didnt utter a sound – used to go totally mute – just like a real person who is upset with you and has stopped talking and seeing you. Sometimes we thought he’s sick, but thats wasn’t the case. It always used to happen when we made him angry. But once he was back to his friendly self again, he used to entertain us like anything, doing all sorts of funny things. One particular trick that he had mastered went like this. We had two cars in the porch, one in front of the other with some space in between. I used to tap at the back of the car, and start running to the front. At this the cat would jump onto the car, jump onto the roof, run across the roof, matching my pace, all the way to the front of the car, take a long leap onto the car in front, over to the roof of this car all the way to the front of the car, down the windwhield and finally jump down on the ground. It was like he was racing against me, but just to make it interesting he would run over the two cars! He used to enjoy it a lot, so did we. It was so cute to watch him do that. And he would do this whenever you tapped on the back of the car standing at the back.

    Unfortunately I had to leave him behind in Pakistan. Its been four years and I miss him so much! My family told me he left home few days after I left, never to return again.

  4. Ameera April 26, 2007 at 11:14 am

    Ohhh that was so cute, the whole thing, every single bit. I couldn’t reply earlier because I didn’t have access to Internet.

    I’m really sorry about that cat you had to leave behind… we had to leave Elevator cat (alias “Maoo”) behind in our old apartments, a few days ago and I can see how that must have felt for you too. It’s always bad, departing from pets knowing you won’t ever see them again.

    That ‘trick’ you did with your cat… haha… I tried it with Elevator cat before we left and the most she could do was follow my fingers with her eyes in the hope of pouncing upon them. Then, she decided it was a boring game and jumped off the roof of the car! I guess she doesn’t find anything interesting apart from elevators! Silly cat.

    I love cats with ego problems, somehow it’s so much fun teasing them! There was one cat I knew briefly who didn’t like me at all… she didn’t let me anywhere near her kittens. I persisted, staying nearby for a couple of days until finally she came up to me herself, as if saying, “You can pet me now!” I moved away aside and she followed. Heheh… strange cats.

    There was another cat who simply hissed at me and taught her kittens the same thing as a first lesson. I was ten at that time, and I thought singing to them might help… and the song I sang was so silly… out an of Indian movie. Ohh, embrassing!

    It’s nice to see someone appreciate cats… even with your allergy. Somehow, allergics seem to run after cats more, if they have a liking for them, it seems.
    If only my mother would agree to letting us have one now! :S

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