Between Dusk and Dawn…

Some *scribble* *scribble* by Ameera




After a long, easy-going break spanning three months, I’ve suddenly found myself up to my ears in work. Things have come up from every where and it’s such a crazy mix bags of assignments/tasks that it’s a bit difficult to handle them at the same time.

We’re moving into our apartment, InshAllah, at the end of next week and I guess that takes up the biggest time slot. It’s a good thing the apartment is close to where we’re already living so the move isn’t a drastic change. However, moving all the stuff (or getting it moved :)), setting up the place and getting into routine is quite a task. We’re just happy that, Alhamdolillah, we’re finally moving into our OWN apartment. It’s been a lot of fun (even with the arguments) planning the kitchen and furniture designing with our parents.

Also, the Quran class I go to on Saturdays has Presentation Day coming up. The students at the course (“Towards the Light”) have been sorted into five groups and I’m in the Maryam (alayhissalam) group. We’ve got to give a team presentation on the theme ‘Love for Allah’ and I’m the co-ordinator/’Ameer’ (heheh, my name is the feminine form of Ameer – Ameera!) Anyhow, we’ve got under two weeks to prepare the 10-minute presentation. To make it more interesting, we did away with the idea of a typical presentation and instead converted into a group discussion with a panel of ‘scholars’ discussing the topic. My only concern is that the preparation for this project will clash with the dates we’ll be moving to our new home. Let us see what Allah Wills!

Thirdly, there are my first Stage/Tests of Second year MBBS coming up in the third week of April for which I should now step up my pace. Second year’s a bit more extensive in terms of syllabus so completing everything on time with the other two tasks on mind too, is very important.

Fourth, I want to start an on-line Arabic course InshAllah. Arabic is such a beautiful language with each word having a treasure of meaning contained within it that it simply pulls the soul to itself. If I don’t get the opportunity to do an Arabic course, I’ll at least, InshAllah work on another important project – more important than the former, now I think of it! That project is to study and memorize Ayat and Ahadith related to specific aspects of Fiqh – like Salah, Fasting, Zakah, Umrah, Marriage, Divorce and so on. This is especially important because currently, the only thing that holds me back from participating in religious discussions is this shortcoming – no proof to offer, no evidence to support my viewpoints. InshAllah, I’ll work on that soon!

Another IMPORTANT thing I’ve got to work on is getting into shape and losing unwanted pounds. This requires a lot of will power and focus, both of which I seem to lack when it comes to weight-loss. The important thing is to keep up the spirit and not to lose sight of the goal! InshAllah, I hope writing this down here on the blog or mentioning it frequently will help me concentrate on this very important project. It’s actually become important because I’ve made my mother promise that if I reduced my weight to a certain level, she’d come to the ‘Towards the Light’ class with me thrice (more, InshAllah) as a ‘listener’ and also learn Tajweed from me. This is of absolute importance as my mother’s family has always been quite ignorant of the religion and stick to certain things without looking for the truth of the matter. With so much Fitnah, my mother is easily influenced by what she thinks is Islamic but which really is far from the Truth. I hope the classes will help her InshAllah!

I hope that all these tasks/projects, stacked up like a tower infront of me, will be managed by the Will of Allah InshAllah. Steadfastness and asking Allah for help are the only two keys to solving problems. May Allah assist us in overcoming our day-to-day tests and add Barakah to our time. Ameen.



3 responses to “Swamped!

  1. your Conscience March 25, 2007 at 12:51 pm


    You look so cute when you’re determined! 😀 ;p

  2. Shan March 26, 2007 at 4:04 am

    Salam Alaikum, Ameera

    I thought I had commented yesterday, but I guess I just forgot to. I went through and read all your entries here, they were wonderful and inspiring. You remind me of what’s important. It is full of honesty and that is something I admire greatly.

    Talk soon

  3. Ameera March 26, 2007 at 10:37 pm


    Your Consicence:
    Ahem… I’m flattered that you’d want to jump on the bandwagon as my ‘conscience’ but you didn’t have to make yourself ‘official’ by using my blog URL! What about copyrights?! How’d you feel if I gobbled down your milk and cookies ( 😛

    Oh, that was really sweet! 🙂 Thankyou, although I don’t think I deserved that… I could point you towards some greatly inspiring blogs, doing a really good job! Stil, if what I’ve written here helps someone in any way, that would be wonderful! 🙂

    All this has kind of made me guilty of my recent comment at your blog (you deleted the post, why?) – but really I was actually laughing when I wrote that. Some of your posts are really ‘gigglogenic’. You should update the Voices section more often, for the same reason.

    Looking forward to seeing you here, InshAllah!


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