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Some *scribble* *scribble* by Ameera

What’ve you been upto, Doc?


First things first. I hereby announce to the world that my previous blog at Blogspot is officially closed and this one is its direct successor. I don’t see much point in moving each post from Ethereal Melodies over here but I’m providing a link on the sidebar if the need for reference arises (why would it ever? Still…).  

Now… where was I? Ah, yes, it feels good to blog again. When you’re cut off from blogging, it seems that more than ever, interesting and bloggable things seem to happen all around you. In my case, the past few months were full of such material that I could write for hours and yet be only done with only half of it.

Here’s something to give you an idea of what’s been going on:


Ramadan and exam tension/preparation


More exam tension and preparation for the Pre-Proffs. My youngest sister suddenly developed a terrible abdominal pain which was thankfully diagnosed to be Appendicitis. She had an operation to have it removed and was hospitalized for five days. Before the diagnosis, things were very uncertain and worrisome for our family but my uncles and aunts helped out enormously. They handled everything so well and made it easy for us to go through that week.


4th December was the day I had my first exam. Forget how the Anatomy exam went, what happened after the exam was an unforgettable experience!

We came out of the exam halls at 4 pm to find half a feet of water standing around due to heavy downpours. It rained so bad that there were severe traffic jams, especially in the old and crowded central part of the city where my college is located. The driver of a friend I had come to college with, was able to drive us home through waterlogged streets and traffic jams so that a fifteen minute journey turned into a two hour struggle against the odds.

The ugly part was getting off infront of my building at 6pm and having to wade thereafter through knee-deep water in through the gate. Still, I was thankful I got home! Another friend got home at at 11 pm!

Exams followed one after the other, matched by a lot of tension, stomach upsets and eating disorders (read as strange cravings at odd hours). We got a week-long break after the theory part and then the Practical and VIVAs (question-answer sessions between the examiner andthe student, in simple terms) began. Alhamdolillah, the VIVAs were really good, even though I was assigned, in Biochemistry, to an examiner who seemed to idolize Condoleeza Rice and dealt with each student with killer questions.

The VIVA dates and the marriage function dates of a cousin danced around each other, literally, so that Saima, Anam and I (giving the first year exams) were split between studying and attending the ceremonies. It’s obvious how much studying you can do when you come home from long functions at 2 am!

Exams ended, Alhamdolillah, on 25th December and we were granted a five-week vacation which was very unexpected. Abba packed up from Tabuk finally and landed in Karachi on the 18th of December so thankfully there were no more exams thereafter to spoil the fun.

January and present:

Weddings upon weddings exhausted us in the earlier part of the month. A few parties here and there, Eid-al-Adha and the (extended) shopping trips of a Khala (aunt) who’d come from Canada were the features of the month. He he.

We also bought an apartment, Alhamdolillah, amidst all that, and finally (Alhamdolillah) we’ll soon be moving into our new and, inshAllah, permanent home.

I got my result two weeks back and Alhamdolillah, it was really very good, much more than I’d ever expected and I still seem to think I don’t deserve it, considering how much effort other people put in and didn’t score too high. There are faults, I admit, in the exam system somewhere but not so many that deserving people didn’t get what they expected.

College started last week. A new year, much more difficult from what the seniors have said. This year focuses especially on the nervous system – the brain, spinal cord, nerves and associated tissues. Things should get pretty interesting. I intend to write about happenings at college, interesting things I learn each day. There’s so much that goes on there I would love to write about, especially now that we’ve got a cool new Digital Library to log on to the internet when free between classes.

That should be a good roundup of the past few months.

Until next time,



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