Between Dusk and Dawn…

Some *scribble* *scribble* by Ameera

Back to blogging!

Alhamdolillah! After tedious research work, many useless registrations at blog sites claiming to be ‘the best’ or ‘number one’ and just as I was about to give up… I finally managed to get on board WordPress.

 During this time, I have realized that apart from WordPress and Blogspot, there’s really no such thing as a top blog site out there. Long registration processes, complicated displays, childish themes and advertisements in all the wrong places… these were just a few of things that made me squash site after site.

 I hope to pick up again where I left though I know I’ve said that many times before. Still, WordPress seems like a stable and secure place to settle down and InshAllah, I’ll be able to blog regularly again… and even better this time.


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